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[IP] How do I become a CDE or . . . .

first, I am frustrated! I am watching this great show on nutrition that 
talks about high insulin levels and weight gain etc. which is SO TRUE but 
then they make NO distinction between type one and two . . .they make it 
sound like all type ones have dm cuz it's their fault and they make all type 
twos sound the same, as if they are all trying to kill themselves! They 
don't understand that type one has no control over why they get it and that 
many many type twos are doing alot to help themselves . . .grrrrr. .  .. i 
think I'll call WGBH TV.

Now, can someone out there please give me some ideas on any health careers 
related to diabetes that do not necessarily involve medical school?  How do 
you become a CDE? Where do you take the exam in this country, and do you 
have to be a doctor? What else is available in terms of job opportunities? 
How do you become a rep or educator for a pump company? Do you have to have 
medical training? --Gianna

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