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[IP] Insurance

Tracey, just read your post on the problems with your insurance
carrier.  Not sure who the company is but I think if you do not
give in and go "higher"  than the nurse you will receive better
answers.  I just recieve my MM pump and will start in a couple of
weeks.  It too had to be preauthorized, as usual the insurance
company was slow and start on the track of "needing added
information"  .  At this point I wrote them a letter and informed
them, my policy stated it would cover medical equipment which a
doctor determined as necessary.  I also let them know they would
be responsible, and have to pay for any complication as a result
of uncontrolled bg readings if they continued to procrastinate.
The pump was approved immediately without the added info.  The
other suggestion I have is to have your doctor write a
prescription for the AccuCheck Complete along with the supplies.
I purchased the same meter, using this method which give me 90
days of strips at a time  without any hassel.

Good Luck

Bob Carrier

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