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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy, chocolate, and sweets

Hi--this is just my two cents, but why waste so many carbs on things like 
regular soda? Why not have diet or stick to something like seltzer water or 
even juices if you're going to have something different.  I mean, regular 
soda is just pure sugar and no nutrients and it can easily be replaced with 
diet stuff.  Even a pump can't counter bg rises that fast . . .and even with 
a pump, lots of extra sugar and lots of extra insulin isn't that great.  
Wouldn't you rather have 45 carbs worth of something else better?  I know I 
would. So this is just my opinion . . . . . . but please think about 

>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] Cotton Candy, chocolate, and sweets
>Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 17:49:57 -0800
> > about this sweet thing!
> >
> > I am allowing geneva to have anything now.  but one item of food
> > which causes me some alarm re: levels is real soda.  if geneva
> > drinks coke or whatever...even with bolusing for her normal time
> > period  (carb ratio)....her levels go way UP.
>Stick to diet. Much safer than trying to control 45 grams of carb for
>a glass of Soda. Leaves more flexibility for the food intake.
>Always test sodas you get out. The mix them up all the time,
>including mixing the wrong dispenser cans on the diet fountain.
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