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re: [IP] Endo's and the pump

I agree wholeheartedly with you Michael.  Zachary 11.5, has been pumping for 
4 years.  He just changed his last two sites himself finally. While I was 
thrilled, the endo wasn't nearly as excited as I am.  She doesn't want me to 
push him.  Mentioned that if they are given too much responsiblity they start 
getting cocky and not taking great care.  I'm easing him into accepting some 
more resposibility, but if he doesn't feel like changing a site, I'm there.  
And you bet I'm there supervising and cheering him on when he does it too.  
He still doesn't fill the cartridges or prime the tubing etc... but when he 
starts to express an interest in doing so, or when I get so fed up that I 
need at least one cartridge change off, then he'll learn that too.  He's got 
diabetes for the duration, until the cure, so I'm going to be the best darn 
team member in his management!

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