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Re: [IP] 2:30 am bg checks?

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Brian Carter wrote:

> At 09:47 AM 8/15/99 , you wrote:
> ><<<I've been waking Lily at 2:30am for 5
> >years. I only matters a couple of times a year, but I'm glad I check
> >on those days.
> Nope you don't have to wake up and test at any certain time once you get 
> use to the pump some people just feel comfortable doing this especially 
> when it is a loved one that had diabetes.
It is more than that actually. With her schedule and sports activities, 
she would crash many times a year if she were not checked. I have many 
times wakened her with a bg less than 50 and she's need enough glucose or 
food to move her bg more than a 100 points up just the get her into the 
80-90 range. It mostly has to do with heavy sports activity, but 
occasionally it is a late evening indulgence in food with a miscalculated 
bolus. The couple of times I spoke of above actually involved a seizure 
once and being in the 20's another time. It's clear from the pattern that 
when I find her at 50 or less, it would only be another couple of hours 
until she crashed if there were no intervention. It's a pain in the neck, 
but until she stops the strenuous activity on an intermittant basis, she 
will have to check in the night. Summers are no big deal since she does 
not participate in sports then, but from late Aug thru June, it's this is 
a risk.

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