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[IP] bedtime & AM basals

  I do see what you're saying, I know the lows in the night can be
extremely scary. (me personally just wishing my parents would relax,
everytime they check me I wake up and have a hard time falling asleep
AGAIN) but I think you must be consistent b4 you can plan the rise. I
know "why" my parents are paranoid, on shots 2 years ago, I went to bed
at 150 or higher once, then woke up for school at 82, but obviously
dipped very low in the night,  had the classic symptoms of Todd's
Paralysis, which obviously scared the daylights out of them, me
too..nothing like not being able to tie your own shoes, and then an
unpleasant full day in the local ER where they came to no diagnosis, so
I understand parent's paranoia there. But right now I'm still
inconsistent, seems I go low 2 nights, I go high a night or two, then I
have a few good nights. Last night was a high night:-)I think it's fine
to do that when you're so fine tuned, but if I were to work in a slope
of a raise, on those high nights I could easily go up to 400 (for no
apparent reason)
 And just since I'm talking, I don't like the nights, my parents are
paranoid and then complain about having to check on me (i don't do it
b/c I even sleep through alarm clocks) I told them not to last night,
sure enough my dad "was awake" so he figured he would. I guess it was a
good call b/c i was high and needed a bolus, but I was so mad at him
when he did, b/c I wake up when they do it and never get back to sleep
it seems, and it's like they don't trust my bodyI guess. On shots they
would never listen to me when I said nothing special happened that day
and I "should" be safe through the night (hence, since that incident 2
years ago) they almost always checked on me anyway, never got mad at it
b/c it was one time the whole night, and my mom was almost always right
and I was low (why i switched from regular to humalog on shots) I can
understand what i call their paranoia, but it does get annoying. So
does my body never doing what it's supposed to, but I think we're all
like that!
 I love my parents, but the worrying seems to much at times, and I can
tell my mom is getting no sleep from the checks, which was why I said
take the night off, i had no reason i'd go low, but as the doc says I'm
not consistent (which the way each of the past 3 years gets much worse,
I hope I "get consistent" or better control soon!)
 I didn't mean to offend any parents on this list, and I will admit if
my mom hadn't used her intuition many of those times I probably would
have had a lot more early morning ER trips...
 Oh, also, I finally (think) I got the day basals figured out. I'm not
the fondest of my endo, so I didn't call him in the end, I did a basal
test and went from there. Yesterday was great, highest was 120, but
also had too many under 70, which may have been from activity, so I'm
getting there. Of course, as my mom "kindly tells me DAILY" she is
concerned about the nights and wish that THOSE would settle down..not
my fault, even when I pack in the protein something happens
 Right now i couldn't "plan" on a raise in my bg b/c of those couple of
nights I'd go sky high. But also, when I wake up at 150 or so I do not
feel as good as when I wake up at 90 ....

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