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[IP] Re (IP) Type 1 and 2

<<According to recent research, there is a new type of diabetes.  It's call 
type 1.5.  This type refers to people, adults actually, that develop type 1 
past the age of 35.  These type of diabetics start out as type 2s, but loose 
the ability to make any insulin at all.>>

Please cite your source.  This is actually old information. The new ADA 
criteria recommends this use of only 2 classification types. Each has 
subsets.  Type 2 in childhood use to be called MODY...maturity onset diabetes 
of youth...another subset of Type 2.  There also exists a situation where a 
Type 1 (autoimmune) person also has a genetic make-up to develop Type 2 
(inherited), especially when there are multiple family members with Type 2. 
The 2 types are not mutually exclusive. Confusing, I know. The labels as Type 
I and II are outdated (roman numerals).  Many Type 2's will eventually take 
insulin, but their underlying condition is Type 2.  Adults diagnosed as Type 
2 who then become Type 1, were most likely misdiagnosed because adults tend 
to have a more prolonged honeymoon phase. Doctors start those people out with 
oral meds, then increase the dosage until the maximum dosage doesn't work, 
then switch to insulin because these people seldom get BG control with oral 
meds and diet (only a more prolonged honeymoon phase). The appropriate blood 
tests... C-peptide, autoimmune antibodies, islet cell antibodies...usually 
help to pinpoint the correct diagnosis. Of, course, there are always rare 

Barbara B.

Barbara B.
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