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[IP] Numbness In The Fingers

If you are experiencing loss of feeling in your fingers you really should get it diagnosed.  I had pain in the right arm and hand .  My surgeon said he felt that I had both carpal tunnel in the wrist and also an entrapped ulnar nerve at the elbow.  I had just the carpal tunnel release at the wrist done.  This reduced the pain some.  At then 6 mo. post op check up the surgeon showed me that I was having atrophy of the muscles in the lower arm.  Comparison  test for strength in both arms confirmed the right hand was a lot weaker.  The ulnar release operation at the elbow was very helpful.  I have regained  most of the strength in the hand but have some loss of sensation in the ulnar nerve to the little and half of the ring fingers possibly from delaying too long.
Find out what you have.