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[IP] Pump sizes are both equal to bar of hand soap

Ruth Schneider
asked in "[IP] No Subject" Sat, 14 Aug 1999 09:03:46 -0700
>does the D seem bigger than MM to anyone?
No, Disetronic seems smaller than MiniMed.
Probably I feel the thickness matters most, and the round
edges make it smaller than the rectangular MiniMed.
Also, most MiniMed users seem to keep that big clip
stuck onto it to make it even thicker.
When one (as may be usual?) half-fills the MiniMed reservoir
(MM-speak for syringe) user can reduce length of pump by retracting
luer-fitting maybe half an inch(?), and MiniMed specification
of length, just like Disetronic specification, omits the luer-fitting

>From disetronic.com web site and my measurements of my
Disetronic H-Tron :
54 mm wide
19 mm- thick
84 mm long (body)
100 grams (weight)
95 mm long to end of 18 mm dia luer-fitting "adapter" (DCW measured)
Disetronic manual describes it as
2.16 inch wide
0.75 inch thick
3.36 inch long
MiniMed 506 manual describes it as
2.0 inch wide
0.8 inch thick
3.4 inch long
MiniMed 506 by my measuring
50+ mm wide
21 mm thick
86 mm long body only, (I don't have a reservoir to try)
MiniMed.com web site provides for current-model 507C :
50 mm wide     or 1.9 inch ( appears to have gotten narrower )
20 mm thick    or 0.8 inch ( still thicker than Disetronic )
86.7 mm long   or 3.4 inch ( Longer with "full load" syringe )
3.5 Ounces(<100 grams)
Measured a new 3.5oz(99g) bar of Ivory soap:
50 mm  wide
27- mm thick
79 mm  long

The slight differences are just enough and MiniMed designers are
careful enough to make certain that the MiniMed SportGuard
cannot be closed with a Disetronic pump inside the SportGaurd!
  I suggest those considering or worrying about "how to carry"
a pump, try carrying around day and night a 39-cent bar of soap.
But leave it wrapped!

Two of our members I know of give dimensions on personal webpages:
Go to for access by name, Brian Carter's :
Also Bob Burnett's site, not listed there, contains:
home.twcny.rr.com/bobscorner/Comparison.htm#Pump Specifications:

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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