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Re: [IP] Diabetes and depression????

    I've had diabetes for 42 years/pumping 3.  Six years ago I recognized 
that my "self-worth attacks" (negative self-talk) were getting out or hand -- 
to the point of considering suicide.  Since I've kept a journal forever I 
knew that the diabetes usually seemed to be at the root of any downward 
spiral in my thoughts.  So I began by talking to my endo.  She was 
extraordinarily supportive -- even to the point of making herself available 
to me any time, day or night.  She had me increase an antidepressant I was 
already taking, and sent me to a psychiatrist who was experienced with people 
with diabetes.  Probably one of the most important things the psychiatrist 
did happened within the first five minutes.  She said, "I see you have 
diabetes.  How long have you had it?"  I replied, "Thirty-six years," very 
matter-of-factly.  She dropped the folder into her lap, looked at me with the 
most incredulous look, and repeated very slowly, as if she had not heard me 
correctly, "Thirty-six years?"  I nodded, wondering what the big deal was.  
What she made me realize was that having lived with such an exacting disease 
for so long I had become so much of a perfectionist that I seldom gave myself 
credit for all that I was doing right. (She also couldn't believe that I was 
still working full-time, teaching in a first-grade classroom no less, and 
that my teenage daughter had had diabetes since age 2 and was doing great.)  
To make a long story longer, it was the combination of support, 
antidepressants, and beginning to give myself the credit I was due that 
helped me get out and stay out of my dark hole.
    I'm new to IP --  enjoying all the support offered here already.  Thanks 

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