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[IP] Enjoy life..... that is what it is all about......

Hi everyone,
	I have enjoyed reading all about the cotton candy!  Michelle 
likes the pink cotton candy.

	I think that all of us here want to enjoy a normal, healthy life. 
We have to move past that one food item can be either bad or 
good. Basically everything in moderation is ok.  Take anything in 
excess and anyone will suffer for it. ex. rum, beer, chocolate, steak 
(I have heard of some men eating 16 ozs), candy, or cotton candy. 
	So enjoy life, don't make food your prison.   The pump has just 
made it easier to match the insulin to the food.

	When my daughter was diagnosed I made a vow to myself 
never to use the mentality of diet.  She has been taught to eat 
healthy, for fun and use moderation... and keep pressing those 
little pump buttons to match the food.

	Gaye (Michelle 11 yrs, pumping for three weeks}
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