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Re: [IP] Re: Something's Wrong

Hey...I don't know if this helps, but I had a similar problem a few weeks ago 
where my blood sugars ran 200-500 for a week straight.  I was doing 
everything as I normally did, and my pump seemed to be running fine.  Last 
week I was so high I became physically ill, and that is when I called 
Minimed.  They told me which tests to run, but when everything turned out 
okay, they told me there may have been some other problem with my pump that 
may not be visible.  At the time, it would take 20 units of insulin to bring 
me from 500-300 in three hours time, without eating anything.  Normally, I 
would have been in a seizure if I took 20 units!!!  Minimed told me it may 
have been some sort of malfunction; I may have programmed 20 units, but it 
wasn't giving me that much due to a malfunction.  They Fed Exed me a new pump 
the next morning, and since then everything has been okay.  So, you may want 
to see if it's possible to exchange the pump...call the company!  Kelly
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