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Re: [IP] target at bedtime and then in AM

> now I am REALLY mixed up....
> I have been thinking all along that one should go to bed rather
> high...150, and work towards a nice 100 by breakfast.
> but...we have this little period between 12 and 3 am where geneva
> drops like 100 pts.
> I have been messing with these basals to fix it.  no luck yet.
> so...this makes sense.  I would rather her go to bed on the low side
> and work up.

They probably haven't walked into their child's bedroom and found 
them in convlusions and barely breathing!!!

Lily's aim is to go to bed at 100 and not get lower. In a perfect 
world we'd be happy with a consistent 130 - 150 by morning. The 
toughest period is from go-to-sleep to about 2am. After that she is 
steady as a rock. It seems to be directly related to how close to the 
meal bolus she is when she goes to sleep. If there has been a lot of 
exercise that day, that will also lower her 50 or more points during 
the night. usually we just turn her night time rates down 0.1u/hr on 
those days -- works pretty well. Days like back to back tournaments 
or something like that.
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