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Re: [IP] growth / hormones and changing basals

> so you will see ALL basals change, not just nightime, or morning?
That is one of the conditions you will see. That particular one has 
occurred about a half dozen times for Lily over 5 years. It is usuall 
abrupt, comming on in a few days and going away the same way after an 
indeterminante time period measured in weeks. There are, of course 
other patterns. Most recently it has only been 1 or 2 tenths of a 
unit adjustment. Sometimes only nights if it is small, she handles 
the other differences with a bolus. But.... a couple of years ago, we 
saw some jumps that were in excess of 50% for several weeks at a 
time. It is similar to what you see when there is sickness, like a 

Again, nothing is cast in stone. Usually if you are prudent and 
watchful, the numbers will tell you quickly that you have to adjust. 
You do it and watch some more. I've been waking Lily at 2:30am for 5 
years. I only matters a couple of times a year, but I'm glad I check 
on those days.
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