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Re: [IP] artificial low basal at night

> michael,
> >Bear in mind that my daughter runs an artifically low basal
> can I ask what that is?  and from what to what time?  (forgive me, I
> know I printed out your basal rates and put them somewhere...but my
> desk is a SLEW of logs and paperwork now!)
Her afternoon/evening rate is about 0.6u/hr as I recall. Her sleep 
rate is 1.1u/hr. Her pump has the evening rate set 'til 1:00am since 
she almost always is in bed by then. She sets a temp basal rate 
somewhere between 0.5 and 1.5 depending on anticipated bg rise or 
fall. If she still has unused insulin from dinner (we eat late) she 
sometimes simply leaves it alone. Otherwise it usually ends up 
somewhere around 1.0 u/hr. Basically it is an extrapolation of unused 
insulin/undigested carbs vs current bg and what direction she'd like 
to go in, up/down.

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