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[IP] going from MDI to pump and endos

I am finally coming to a conclusion, at least in our situation...(we have
Kaiser HMO in no. CA)   that the endos here are still thinking in terms of
MDI as far as targets go.
just for anyone's info out there...

pump therapy has a whole new set criteria.  and if you are dealing with a
diabetes team who are only used to MDI for their patients,  they will
continue to enforce those rules.

michael has enlightened me as to a "new" bedtime until am goal.  we always
went from 150 down to 100 by breakfast. (on MDI therapy, we worry about
those middle of the night plunges) I have been trying to do this with the
pump and have been very unsuccessful.

now we will try the reverse and see how we do.

thanks to this site and michael's wisdom...we are getting there!


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