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[IP] Re:airport security

I too travel alot (about monthly) by plane.  These days, I have no
problem.  I think Hartsfield/Atlanta is one of the best in terms of tight
security but I usually avoid that place!  No one has asked me anything
about the pump since I've been back on it.  In the early 80's when I was
on the old HUGE pump I was stopped one time at Hartsfield and told to
remove "that thing" from my belt so it could go through the X-ray
machine.  I told them they would have to hand-check and I really couldn't
take it off because it was attached to me.  They insisted, so I pulled
the resevoir out of the pump (the old ones you could do that without
messing up), handed her the pump and proceeded to walk through the little
door holding the syringe in my teeth as my hands were full (that was a
sight!).  The security guard stopped me and said she had to have "the
whole thing"  I told her that the other end of the tube was in my hip.  I
got the horrified "what IS that????"  I told her it was a medical device
and on the other end was a needle in my hip.  She handed me back the pump
and waved me on through.  (Funny, she seemed in a hurry to get rid of
Enough anecdote of ancient history:
These days it shouldn't be a problem.  Just in case, carry a prescription
from your doc explaining that the device attached to you is essential
medical equipment and is not to be removed.  That should clear up
anything!  Per MiniMed reps, no problem going through the door.

Diabo 19 years
Pumping 18 months (this time)
O.K., not lurking so much anymore!

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