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[IP] target at bedtime and then in AM


> Get your basals set so they rise slowly from when you go to sleep til
> morning. They WILL change abruptly as you grow, etc.... or have a
> really physical day. Build in a little pad so you go to bed at 100
> and wake at 150 with no dip in the night. You'll be much happier and
> safer.

now I am REALLY mixed up....
I have been thinking all along that one should go to bed rather high...150,
and work towards a nice 100 by breakfast.

but...we have this little period between 12 and 3 am where geneva drops like
100 pts.

I have been messing with these basals to fix it.  no luck yet.

so...this makes sense.  I would rather her go to bed on the low side and
work up.

where the heLLLL have my endos been on this one?????

perplexed but willing to keep the faith in CA

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