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Re: [IP] basals, cotton candy

> Hey all--
>  Well, I'm really starting to like my pump, made some basal changes
> last week which so far so good!!!!!!!! Went to bed last night at
> 112, was 85 3 am, 102 at 4 am, and 103 at 6:30am!!!(don't ask why so
> many readings, I was sleeping, my mom checks me, didn't trust that I
> wouldn't go low, I guess b/c I went low 3 nights this week), 70 @
> 9:30 am, set a temp basal of .0 for 30mins, went back to bed! Ate
> nothing till lunch, 12:30 and by then I was 120!! This is
> great!!!!!!!!!!
Get your basals set so they rise slowly from when you go to sleep til 
morning. They WILL change abruptly as you grow, etc.... or have a 
really physical day. Build in a little pad so you go to bed at 100 
and wake at 150 with no dip in the night. You'll be much happier and 

Michael -- been there done that with Lily.  

You don't want to get low at 3am.
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