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[IP] Re: Airport security and the pump

I fly several times a year and have been on the MM506 for 6 years.  It set 
off one security system only (well, maybe two).  Then the personell look at 
it, wand you , and off you go.  It helps not to look like a shady character 
(travelling with 2 small children usually does the trick!)  VBG

However, I have found the if you appoach the detector with it in plain view 
it is usually mistaken as a pager and the personell want you to remove it.   
Then you have to take the time and stop the line to explain, ect.  I had one 
lady almost yelling at me as I approached to "take off my pager", not 
listening to me, until I "stopped the line" took it off my waistband, and 
held it up with tubing in plain sight.  Only then would she listen.

My advice (and what I always do now)...wear it on the waist but under a 
jacket or something so that it's not visible.  It's not likely to set off the 
the alarm, but if it does, it's where you can reach it to show them (as 
opposed to in your underwear or something!)  Don't automatically assume it's 
your pump....I see lots men being caught by metal in the shoes, belt buckles 
,change and keys in the pocket .

Have a good trip, wherever you go.

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