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[IP] Bolusing at bedtime

> Lily's bg's may vary widely from night to night due to daytime
> activities, hormones, dinner, etc... We've just set her basals so she
> rises about 25 - 50 points on the average during the night. She goes
> to bed with bg's tarked at 100, but may be as low as 80 if there is
> clearly no unused insulin and they are not dropping.
> email @ redacted

do you do a correction bolus to get to 100 at bedtime?  our endos say not to
do a bolus after exercise or at bedtime.  but....if geneva was 296 at 9 PM
(like last night),  I feel compelled to correct to 150.  By midnight she
dropped to 164.  this whole nighttime thing is so perplexing!

I am not sure I am ready to deal with puberty!  that brings on a whole slew
of basal quirks.


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