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Re: [IP] Diabetes and depression???? (warning this is a long**response)

my depression does not seem to be caused by my blood sugars, although when
i'm really depressed, i tend to stop taking care of myself as well as i
should... (i start skipping allkinds of regular hygeine and medical care
things, such as brushing teeth only once a day instead of twice....  not
checking my blood sugar at random times when i ought to....  certainly
that affects my diabetes control....)

it seems that i suffer from a constant sort of low grade depression, which
periodically becomes major depression... (sometimes it has a cause, other
times it doesn't seem to...)  mostly we believe this is a congenital sort
of thing... my mother's side of the family has many problems with
depression, and some of those relatives have substance abuse problems...
there are fewer people who suffer from depression on my father's side of
the family, but there still are a number...  i go for individual
counselling once a week, family counselling, with my parents (whom i have
moved back in with) once a month, and i take zoloft...  

the zoloft has had some interesting effects... it brought my insulin
dosages down a whole lot when i started taking it, even though it didn't
affect my mood or energy level for the first couple of months... but i
dropped about seven or so units of insulin from my daily regimen... (and
have not added them back on in the year and a half since...)  it doesn't
really make me perpetually happy, it just sort of raises the bar on where
my mood is in general.... this makes it much easier for me to notice when
i start to get depressed.... (before i was on the medication i always felt
sufficiently bad that it was really hard to tell if i felt any worse or
better on a given day...)

for both counselling and meds i see an excellent psychiatrist, who was
recommended by my excellent primary care physiscian.... i have convinced
the insurance to pay for a lot more than they would have, because my
doctors have noted that my diabetes control starts to go when i feel more

i went to get help, like i said after i had quietly failed an entire years
worth of college courses... at that point i realized that there must be
something really wrong, as i know i'm no dumb cookie (and i have the SAT
scores to prove it) but no matter what i did i just couldn't make it
through a term before i could no longer get out of bed in the morning...
my psychiatrist also convinced me to have some neuro-cognitive testing
doen, which confirmed that i'm extremely smart, testing off the scales of
some IQ tests... but that comparitively my planning and organizational
skills are tremendously weak...  (this also contributed to the level of my
frustration, and depression, as i knew i was smart, but often could not
effectively complete course work that seemed reasonable to expect...)

i highly recommend seeking professional help, try to get a recommendation
from a doctor you have a good rapport with... someone who will act as your
advocate, if the person you go to see does not provide you with the help,
or diagnosis that they feel you need.... (it's much easier if you have a
professional who can give this kind of advice, that way you don't have to
try to be objective about how you feel and what you need...  i didn't ask
for help for so long, because i assumed that i must be fine, since so many
people told me that i was...  family friends used to refer to me as the

anyway, i hope this information is helpful, sorry that i wrote so much....


On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Julie Britt wrote:

> For those who have been diagnosed with depression, I have a few questions...
> Is your depression caused by high blood sugars or is it a more constant
> thing?  What made you seek professional help, and what kind of professional
> are you seeing?  Do you take drugs, therapy, or a combination of both?
> I was diagnosed by one doc as having depression and/or anxiety disorder ( I
> only went to him once because I moved shortly after), but another said it
> would go away when my sugars were under control.  The depression seems to
> have gone away for the most part, now that I am on the pump and better
> control 10 months later.  Every now and then it comes back, but more often I
> experience problems with anxiety still.  I am wondering if I should seek
> counseling or see an MD for meds or if it is all because of my blood sugars
> still.
> Julie

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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