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[IP] basals, cotton candy

Hey all--
 Well, I'm really starting to like my pump, made some basal changes
last week which so far so good!!!!!!!! Went to bed last night at 112,
was 85 3 am, 102 at 4 am, and 103 at 6:30am!!!(don't ask why so many
readings, I was sleeping, my mom checks me, didn't trust that I
wouldn't go low, I guess b/c I went low 3 nights this week), 70 @ 9:30
am, set a temp basal of .0 for 30mins, went back to bed! Ate nothing
till lunch, 12:30 and by then I was 120!! This is great!!!!!!!!!! I'm
safe for another week before that time of the month hits, and you bet
these basals I'm using now will be written down so I can just go back
to them!
 About cotton candy...this is sad, I've had diabetes since I was 5 and
can't remember the last time I had cotton candy, I think b4 I was
diagnosed I was never "big" on it like it was too sweet, but that was
over ten years ago, so I have no clue! I personally enjoy my cake
(first thing I asked for in the hospital when I started pumping
--didn't get any though!), and my three musketeers, but I'm limiting
myself b/c I don't want to gain much weight. But if I couldn't eat my
favorite sweets as I wanted, I would be very unhappy! Now i'm actually
getting into healthy food, each time I saw my endo b4 the pump he
warned me about gaining weight (got annoying, I told him I'd lose
weight, he goes "Women!", and sure enough I have lost weight, so fooey
to him!) but also I ate what I wanted on shots, just payed close
attention to it. What's great now is, before i got the pump on shots, I
had to STOP eating frosted flakes for my evening snack, they would send
me up to 500, but I had them a week ago (only once since I've had the
pump!) and I did NOT go sky high, you have to love the freedom!!!! And
I pushed dinner off last night, but went low, so got some food, but my
parents can NO LONGER use the excuse you "have to eat, you took your
shot" now it's not true!! It is like being NORMAL!!
 Happy pumper almost 7 weeks!

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