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Re: [IP] Humalog Allergy?

Kasey, thanks for sharing things that worked for your daughter.
>My daughter also has an allergy (or maybe just a resistance?) to the
>Humalog.  And it was a problem that developed over time, as most
>allergies do.  Her reactions are not as severe as your daughters.
>Mainly the Humalog kept taking longer and longer to kick in, her sites
>would go bad in less than 12 hours, and there was swelling, irritation
>and welts at her infusion sites.  Of course the problem didn't start
>this severe, but once we started mixing the Humalog with the Velosulin,
>the site problems disappeared.
>mom of 6-year-old-pumper, Kayla
>> P.S. The medical experts are mostly saying that her allergy is highly
>> unlikely to be from Humalog.  However I am very nervous until I find out
>> what it is.  For me the Humalog is a strong candidate.
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