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Re: [IP] Humalog Allergy?

Mary Jean, thanks, this is very helpful information.
>Larry wrote:
><< Who can tell me how the response time differs between Humalog and
>Velosulin.  I understand Velosulin is what is used by those who become
>allergic to Humalog.  How much would using Velosulin in her pump upset her
>control if we have been using Humalog? >>
>In general, Velosulin behaves like Humulin R insulin.  Its response time is
>about 1/2 hour to an hour slower than Humalog, and has a longer tail, about
>5 or 6 hours.  If you switch to Velosulin in your daughter's pump, you
>would likely need to start any changes in basal profiles about an hour
>earlier than you currently do.  As for boluses, it will take longer for the
>insulin to start working, so they need to be in advance of a meal.  This
>takes some of the flexibility out of it, so to counteract that, I used to
>give part of my bolus a half hour before a meal, and then the rest when I
>started eating.  That way, I always had *some* insulin going to work when
>my food hit.  Since I always bolus at least one unit for meals, I would
>bolus one unit early, then the rest after I sat down to eat and figured out
>the carbs.  This worked out fine.
>I'm currently using a mix of Velosulin and Humalog, so I don't go through
>this routine any more.
>Best wishes for you and your daughter.
>Mary Jean
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