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Re: [IP] Diabetes and depression????

For those who have been diagnosed with depression, I have a few questions...
Is your depression caused by high blood sugars or is it a more constant
thing?  What made you seek professional help, and what kind of professional
are you seeing?  Do you take drugs, therapy, or a combination of both?

I was diagnosed by one doc as having depression and/or anxiety disorder ( I
only went to him once because I moved shortly after), but another said it
would go away when my sugars were under control.  The depression seems to
have gone away for the most part, now that I am on the pump and better
control 10 months later.  Every now and then it comes back, but more often I
experience problems with anxiety still.  I am wondering if I should seek
counseling or see an MD for meds or if it is all because of my blood sugars


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Subject: Re: [IP] Diabetes and depression????

>Jess, at the following website under "Health Updates" there are summaries
>two articles about diabetes and depression.  I've only skimmed them so far,
>and it looks like they are more about type 2 diabetics, but you might be
>interested to read them.  Click on "Health Updates" and then look for the
>August article of Health Updates.
>This e-magazine has lots of good info for other things, too.
>I don't know if you saw my earlier post about depression, Jess, but feel
>to e-mail me.  I have been diagnosed with depression, too.
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