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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thingtoofar???


 I for one would LOVE a cotton candy party!!!!!! Just tell me when and where! 
 In all seriousness folks, cotton candy can be/is being enjoyed by many 
people with diabetes, my daughter included. For a bag of cotton candy, like 
what is sold at baseball games, hockey games (which we go to all the time!) 
and at Wal-mart, it is only 15 carbs!!! I could not believe it when I 1st 
read the label, but we have always just had Amy bolus 1 unit for it and she 
has never gone high or low afterwards. So, for those of you who want cotton 
candy, go ahead and enjoy!! Just remember, if you get a huge fluffy one on a 
stick, it is probably going to still be the same -- it's all in the weight in 
this case.

Mom of Amy, now a whopping 13 yrs. old
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