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[IP] Cotton Candy, chocolate, and sweets

OK, my $0.02 worth
There is the issue of good nutrition, and as we all know, cotton candy, 
chocolate and a whole host of other foods aren't part of it.  But this line 
was about having good control if you ate cotton candy, figuring carbs, etc.  
I presume none of us was going to go to a regular diet of junk food.

For adolescents (of any age  :)      it is important to reduce the impact of 
being "different" as much as possible.  Eating while socializing is a 
significant part of our culture, so teaching our adolescents/all diabetics, 
how to bolus for good control when they eat "reasonable amounts" of junk 
foods will work much better than saying "no" to everything with sugar in it, 
especially when there isn't a good reason to.

For those of us with a sweet tooth, having some junk sweets isn't going to 
kill us.  Nor is it even going to mess up our blood glucoses as long as we 
know how to bolus for it.    That's what this line was all about.  If a 
diabetic knows how to bolus for the sometimes sweets, whether it's with the 
pump or by MDI, basically he/she is doing manually what all those 
non-diabetics with their pancreases are doing.  Personally, I can't stand 
cotton candy, but I do like chocolate, and I can tell you that I can cover a 
hershey bar perfectly, with no post-prandial rise,  as opposed to certain 
healthier foods, like potatos.

A while ago, some one wrote.....as everyone knows, diabetics are HIGHLY 
allergic to sugar, and if given sone, they will DIE, immediately!  .....and 
someone else added.......ESPECIALLY if they are hypoglycemic!  I LOVED 
IT!!!!!! Many misconceptions die slowly and hard, by diabetics, by the lay 
public, and by health professionals.  The severe restriction on any kind of 
sugar is one of them.

Shall I duck for cover ?

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