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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thing tofar???

Dear Jane:
I probably should keep my mouth shut and not reply to your message, but I 
just couldn't let your comments pass.  I have been diabetic longer than you 
have and no one locked cabinets to keep me from getting into the food!  Where 
did you grow up?  I also did not deny myself treats occasionally just because 
I am diabetic.  I ate cotton candy and have lived to tell the tale!  I know 
you believe that a very strict regimen is what it takes to avoid 
complications, but I think it takes much more than that.  I think it is a 
combination of diet, insulin, exercise, attitude, and the ability to accept 
this disease as another part of your life (like your eye color, body type, 
etc.) and do the best with what you were given.  Fortunately I do not have 
any known complications and I attribute this to the above points along with 
luck and genetics. 

Take care.  And please, treat yourself this weekend--find a country fair and 
have some cotton candy!  :)

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