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Re: [IP] bedtime levels

> Our endos encourage Geneva, age 10 to be around 150 at bedtime.  Now
> I am reading that some folks are going for 100 at midnight (unless
> exercising during daytime)
> This seems so low.  Geneva is now just beginning to feel comfortable
> with a target of 130!  (fear of hypos in past on MDI)
> Should we just keep gradually lowering her target until we are at
> that magic 100?
> Would like to hear of other children's experiences with target
> levels.

Lily's bg's may vary widely from night to night due to daytime 
activities, hormones, dinner, etc... We've just set her basals so she 
rises about 25 - 50 points on the average during the night. She goes 
to bed with bg's tarked at 100, but may be as low as 80 if there is 
clearly no unused insulin and they are not dropping.
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