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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thing tofar???

In a message dated 8/13/99 10:45:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< They can eat everything else but cotton candy, and thats not
 enough?  >>
Excuse me, but as the mother of a child with diabetes, I would do anything to 
keep her as healthy as possible until there is a cure. But with the advances 
of modern medicine, it is totally possible for a person with diabetes to eat 
cotton candy ... or anything else.  

Let me ask you this.  Why do you have a pump? I would think the answer would 
be for the best control possible.  Well, at least that's why we chose the 
pump. Not for the candy or any other food. But the amazing thing is that with 
the pump you can eat ANYTHING, as long as you let your pump do what your 
pancreas would...match food/insulin requirements.  I'm not sure why you think 
that this food is forbidden.  Whether the insulin is from the inside or the 
outside, as long as you monitor and get it when you should, what's the deal???

As a non-diabetic, it broke my heart to see other children at snowball stands 
have 50 flavors to chose from and my daughter had to have some "yucky" flavor 
she didn't really like. To know at Halloween, that she still wanted to trick 
or treat, but knew there would be next to nothing in that bag of goodies that 
she was allowed to have. 

Well, let me tell you. I now have the immeasurable joy of seeing my daughter 
grab a candy bar if she chooses. My heart leaps when ... after practicing a 
sport or whatever, all the kids, INCLUDING my daughter, run to the icecream 
truck and get whatever they want. 

As a parent, my happiest moments are when my children are happy. To hear your 
child laugh or see your child smile, or hear the joy and excitement in their 
voice and see it in their eyes...you just can't pay enough for joy like that. 
And if this little pump...which give insulin from the outside...will give her 
those few moments of joy, well then so be it.  A handful of cotton candy, or 
a candy bar will NOT kill her. If she maintains good control and monitors her 
bg's, she will be the healthiest she can be with or without eating cotton 

Do you mean to tell me, that because years ago certain things were impossible 
that today they are still impossible??? Twenty plus years ago, if you had a 
bad heart, you were pretty much doomed. But with all the advances in 
medicine, your chances of survival are great. Times have changed, technology 
has changed, medicine has changed, and thank God the minds of a lot of people 
have changed. Think about it.  What are you giving yourself insulin for 

Mom to Rachel...who will eat cotton candy whenever she pleases...with the 
help of her little blue Disetronic pump!!!
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