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Re: [IP] Gore

In a message dated 8/13/99 3:23:40 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Why can't we have Nicole Johnson run for office.  Let's do her as a write 
  I feel stupid after making this call... >>

LOL Sara.  I'll vote for Nicole.  I wonder how many votes a person could get 
with a diabetes cure as their #1 campaign issue?  
Don't feel stupid.  When I went to Washington for the Rally for a Cure last 
March, I got a lot of lip service, but wanted to see something tangible.  My 
rep did not sign a petition for increased funding for the NIH because he said 
he never signs petitions.  He said he was very supportive of diabetes 
research though.  I told him that I liked that but how did I know that he was 
supportive if he didn't do something tangible that I could see?  Politicians 
are great with double-speak.  It was frustrating because he agreed with me on 
everything, but did not want to sign this petition.  I did send him another 
request with many signatures and he has responded to me.  I will check out 
how he votes on certain bills, but I do think they listen and sometimes 
respond.  I hope so.  ellen
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