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Re: [IP] Diabetes and depression????

Jessica, I have never had clinical depression, but many at this site have 
because this has been discussed before.  I hope you get some helpful hints.
I do know that when getting a chronic disease, we go through the 5 stages of 
mourning, described for people who lose a loved one.  These stages include 
depression, anger, denial, and acceptance (I have forgotten the other one).  
I think I was depressed initially and I know that I was angry as a teen, but 
the denial phase was my longest.  I think that one lasted a good 15 years.  
Anyway, the acceptance phase has been wonderful for me and made my life much 
easier and happier.  I hope you find answers for the depression you have.  
Many take medication to deal with this.  Take care.  ellen  
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