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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy.../Sugar Madness,The Movie

In a message dated 8/14/99 1:42:39 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Didn't they make a movie about this?  "Reefer Madness" I think it 
 was called.     ;>) >>

George, I'm ROFLOL!  What a super comment.  I have to admit that since I have 
had IDD for so many years, I don't have a desire for foods that sweet so I am 
not even tempted.

I think someone should make a low budget horror film (similar to Blair Witch) 
and call it "Sugar Madness".  Sara would be the leading lady of course since 
she is an actress and loves sweets too.  What do you say Sara?  Any amateur 
filmmakers out there.  ellen
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