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[IP] Re: Something's Wrong

Hi, i've been on a Distronic Pump for 4 weeks, the first week and half went 
beautifully.  My bg's were in target and it was picture perfect.  I have been 
carb counting for the last 6 months with very good success until now.  I'm 
not doing anything differently now, but the last 2 weeks, my bg's average 
325.  I''ve tried switching sites, loading up with new vial of insulin, 
bolusing frequently and nothing seems to work.  All of my sites have been in 
the stomach.  I'm ready to go back to 4 shots a day, just to regain control.  
I don't know if all of a sudden I have become insulin resistant or what the 
heck is going on.  Anyone out there with similar experiences.

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