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[IP] I'm back

Hi guys, I am alive and kicking in north carolina.  My responses will be
sporadic for at least a few weeks as I still try to get settled and such.
On my cross country drive, I saw my endo as I passed through atlanta.  My
pre-pump a1c was 9.9 and now it is 8.8.  This severely depressed me, I had
honestly expected much better, especially since my meter average was 170.
All I can say is at least I am happier with this form of treatment, I can
exercise much much much much more easily, and I am more
predictable/stable.  I have had three infections in the last three months
that all probably didn't help.  (The last one knocked me down for a week,
unfortunately with a 101 degree fever both days of loading and unloading
the 15 ft truck of all my heavy furniture!!!  In southern heat and
humidity - what a shock after the dry west!  Praying the heat breaks

Keep watching for a coming post on IDEA2000, if you don't know what that
is check it out at www.idea2000.org.

More to come after I unpack all these boxes!!!
Susan Fisher

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