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Re: [IP] people who don't choose the pump

  Speaking of People who don't choose the pump...  My brother who is 4 years 
older than I, has had diabetes for about 17 years, is still to chicken to get 
on the pump.  I keep telling him it is so much easier to control your sugars 
and have a real life with the pump, but he says he doesn't want to be 
"hooked" up to a machine.  I don't know what the big deal is, we are "hooked" 
up to this disease no matter how we choose to control it.  He thinks the 
cathider will get caught on boxes (he works in a warehouse).  I think he is 
just chicken of the whole cathider idea, and I was before I got mine, but now 
that I know what it is like, I wouldn't trade pumping for MDI!!!  My husband 
and I tease him when we go to visit, before we eat dinner, we chant MDI, MDI, 
its all in good fun, and he laughs with us.  If only those who won't try it 
knew what they were missing!
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