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[IP] Diabetes and depression????

so, i'm posting this again, in a slightly more comprehensive format, with
a proper subject line, in the hopes that there will be a little more
discussion and response (i think my last post was a bit too brief on the

i was diagnosed with diabetes about ten years ago when i was eleven...
when i was thirteen i began suffering from depression (at some times i
even became suicidal)... my depression was not diagnosed, until such time
as i had managed to quietly flunk a year of college, and i realized that
there must be something really** wrong for me to screw up that badly...
this was now, two years ago...  as i've been slowly crawling up out of
that deep dark hole i spent some time seeing a therapist, whose husband is
a pediatrician, and she said that there was an apparent link between
diabetes diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence and incidence of
depression.... (she was upset that no one had ever told me or my
parents... it might have helped us catch on to what was happening

does anyone know of any studies relating to this subject?  does anyone
have any experience with diabetes and clinical depression?

just trying to piece information together....


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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