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[IP] Re: SportGuard Case


Yes I have used the MM SportGuard case for water activities several times 
over the past 4 or five years (whenever they came out with it).  They 
warrenty it for 1 year, if used as directed, if it leaks and your pump is 
damaged in that year, they say that they will replace the pump (look at the 
papers that came with it).  With the first one I had, there was no leakage at 
all.  I got a second a little less than a year ago, and there was no leakage 
after a day in the water at a waterpark.  However, last month, the same case 
leaked just enough to let vapor form inside the guard plus a few drops of 
water.  The MM tech was great, had me check a few things, told me what to 
watch for, commented (without my asking) that they would replace my pump if 
it died because of this.  She did comment that despite the way it is phrased 
on the box (implying that after some use you need to use vasoline around the 
top) that they DO want you to use vasoline from the beginning and every time.

And to the Moms of the football players, this case was designed to take some 
imact too, so it may be what you're looking for even though it doesn't 
involve water.

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