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Re: [IP] Pumper Duck/Disetronic "pumpie"/and MM Moose

I know you are going to be jealous, but I have 2 MM moose and 2 Pumpies.  I 
got them free.  Gianna, if you are starting on the pump, just ask the rep to 
give you one.  I am sure she/he will.  I got the MM moose to use as prizes at 
my pump party at the lake.  Noone took the Moose because all the kids already 
had one.  The reps here give them to all kids that start on the pump.  They 
will give them to adults too, but you have to ask.  
BTW, I gave a Pumpie to my 20 year old son(non-diabetic).  He is moving to 
Seattle in September so if any of you out there see him in his tan toyoto 
with a Pumpie hanging by tubing (one use for extra tubing) from his rear view 
mirror, that's my son Dan.  He also has a sticker on the bumper that says 
"Diabetes Kills...Cure It."   ellen  
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