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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thing tofar???

Dear Jan  -
I have been a diabetic for 35 years.  I have lived without cotton candy all
that time - I think I have NEVER had cotton candy!  I will have to check
with my parents - what's the BIG deal?  So what if you can't eat cotton
candy - do you remember when in the early days, they had to keep ALL food
locked in cabinets beause diabetics would breakin and eat, because they were
so hungry???  your son/daughter CAN't  go without cotton candy???????!!
Excuse me?  They can eat everything else but cotton candy, and thats not
enough?  Don't mean to be harsh, but diabetes is all about controlling what
food you  eat, but ONLY if you want to live!  Cotton candy?!  Who cares?
Know I will get all kinds of harsh e-mail about this, but let's be real -
it's about compromise of real food - carbo's, fats, proteins, as opposed to
good health and frivolous food that nobody needs, including cotton candy,
which is 100% sugar!

Sorry, Jane

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