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[IP] New FastTake test strips

I was not around for several months this summer, so I don't know if I
missed a thread about this, and I'm sorry if I did and am bring it up
again.  I know that there has been debate on the accuracy of the FastTake
meter, but for me (and I'm sure others) it is perfect so I am a faithful
user (and owner of 3 of them).  Tonight I opened up a new vial (from a new
"batch" from my insurance) to discover that it didn't look right!  After
looking at the box and the papers in it, I discovered that they have a new
test strip for it now.  It is like the old test strip but it has an extra
box (that fills up like the Accucheck-Complete test strips) to show if you
have enough blood on it or not.  I'm not sure if this is useful info, but I
do remember one of the problems was not being able to tell if there was
enough blood.

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