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[IP] people who don't choose the pump

Hi all.  I just finished talking to my friend from Maryland who has been 
diabetic since she was 6. She is almost 16 now.  Anyway, when I talked to 
her three months ago, she really wanted a pump; actually had wanted one for 
quite awhile . . .when i talked to her today she said she doesn't want one 
anymore because she feels that it calls attention to her diabetes and makes 
people pity her.  She says she is in "good control" but her numbers that she 
considers "good" according to her are in the low 200's.  She often uses her 
diabetes as an excuse for pity anyway.  I wish she would reconsider . . .but 
then maybe she just isn't ready, even though it would help her so much.  
Sigh.  I know I can't do anything about this, but just ranting . . . .thanks 
for listening.   --Gianna

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