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[IP] (Fwd) Medic alert bracelets

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Date:          Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:59:46 -0400
From:          The VanBurens <email @ redacted>
Reply-to:      email @ redacted
To:            email @ redacted
Subject:       Medic alert bracelets

I hope I'm in the right place. I work as a paramedic and I'm also a
pumper. The medic alert bracelet is a valuable tool for us in the
field as well as for the emergency room nurses and doctors. It gives
us access to so much more information than just a single medical
condition. We have access to any information that we could possibly
need - such as what medications you take, what other medical
conditions you have, any allergies, who to contact - both your doctors
and your family, and the dreaded insurance information. I know that
both a necklace and a bracelet is available, I strongly recommend the
bracelet. A necklace is sometimes easily missed. Don't be surprised if
the paramedic or EMT that takes care of you isn't familiar with your
insulin pump. They don't give us a lot of information. As a pumper
myself, I find that I spend a lot of time educating people about it.
The good news is that most people want to learn.


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