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Re: [IP] too many emails

At 01:17 PM 08/13/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Sam wrote:
 >>Just because this mail has arrived in your in-basket, doesn't mean
 >>that you are obligated to read every message. Often there are topics
 >>that do not relate to your situation, so just quickly delete them
 >>and concentrate on those messages that are meaningful to you.
 >EXCEPT that so many people do not CORRECT the subject line...I have often
 >found pearls of wisdom and points of valid information in posts entitled
 >"Insulin-pumpers Digest #478'

Excellent point. I think I mentioned this, but it doesn't hurt to restate 
it again. If you want people to read what you've written, please make sure 
the subject line reflects what you are saying. That way people, like me, 
with a hair-trigger delete key won't accidentally miss an excellent point.

 >Sara who is caught up in digests, reading wise - but now I have some
 >responses to make!!!

BTW, I'm glad you are reading wise... the alternative is too scary to 
contemplate. :-)


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