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Re: [IP] Max the MiniMed Moose

At 01:11 PM 08/13/1999  Donna wrote:
 >I have a Max and I'm 34! I collect all stuffed animals and would love to know
 >how to get the ones mentioned.  I got max to help talk to some of our friends
 >kids who want to know what Miss Donna is doing.  I will use anything to 
 >them so they don't grow up to be ignorant or intollerant of this disease.
 >Max isn't the cutest but he sure grows on you.  Here's were you can order him
 >and see a picture of him.

I'm often stuffed (after meals), not too stuffy and full of "stuff & 
nonsense". And, my wife often says: "Take him, please!" So, it looks like 
I'm up for grabs... totally free, just pay for shipping, basic care and 
feeding. Please note: I'm the well-used, but house-broken, model... not too 
cute, but you'll get used to it. (Strictly "as-is". No guarantees, 
explicitly or implicitly implied) :-)

the stuffed pumper (but, better than a pumper duck any day)

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