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Re: [IP] Endo Pumper, making changes and docs


Don't you just love the Endo's at Hopkins. I have to agree with you, if they 
can't be reached...which BTW has never happened, they have already told us to 
do what we know is best. We live with this every day and most of us could run 
circles around the medical professionals when it comes to our bodies and our  
pumps.  If you are educated enough ... which this seems to be a pretty 
educated group (I'm trying to kiss b*tt  here...lol) , then if something 
needs to be changed and someone can't be reached, try it and monitor it and 
change it again if need be.

Remember, doc's are not God's, they are educated people.  Educated in some 
type of medical field.  But hey,   Guess what???   We are pretty educated 
too, at least when it comes to these pumps.  Find a doc that you can agree 
with and one that understands you.  Life will be much easier.

**no offense to any med. professionals here ... as the Budweiser guy (I think 
that's the brand) says, "I love ya, man"
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