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Re: [IP] Gore

>So, inspired, and at work, I called her and boy, could she have been LESS
>interested...Kept trying to cut me off and end the call...kinda chuckled at
>the end.  I felt I was articulate, and expressed my concern for his taking a
>proactive stance...and that to garner my vote, I needed to hear more than
>philosophy and lip-service.

haha  I am the one that posted the Number and the letter the day after the 
letter went out over the net she called the person that started the 
campaign telling him to stop all the calls because they were getting 
swamped with calls and such..    Personally I do not like her attitude or 
position.  Most poloticians (my own opinion) don't really care what others 
think as long as they get the votes.

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