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[IP] Gore

OK, not to start so epolitical debate, cuz I personally think politicking is 
a waste of energy, time, money and media space...BUT   

someone posted a number to call this Lauren Choi person who works for Gore 
and when asked by M Mawby of ADA, did not want to comment on Gore's 
commitment to diabetes...apparently she

>had not received a single phone call about diabetes.  
> We need to change that and persuade Gore to be a leader on 
> this issue.  Here's how you can help and even win a prize:

So, inspired, and at work, I called her and boy, could she have been LESS 
interested...Kept trying to cut me off and end the call...kinda chuckled at 
the end.  I felt I was articulate, and expressed my concern for his taking a 
proactive stance...and that to garner my vote, I needed to hear more than 
philosophy and lip-service.

Pardon the English, but screw her and screw Gore!  If this is how they show 
their commitment and interest in the needs and wants of this particular 
minority group (diabetics), then feel about diabetes, then how are the gonna 
feel about "real" important issues, like should we charge rich people less 
tax and give them more loopholes than poor people or what about the pesky 
insurance problem..  

I have yet to hear of a  politician who is really "OUT" about diabetes!!!  
Why CAN'T they make a "commitment?"  Is it because they are all men and men 
are virtually incapable of doing that?  Perhaps that is why they are so 
scared of having women in power - because we can and do make commitments...  

Politicians aren't going to really DO anything anyway about a cure for 
diabetes...not when the Band-Aids they have work so well.. I do not want some 
LIP-SERVICE - oh yeah, we hear lots of "I SUPPORT diabetes research" during 
the campaign,  blah blah blah...What else are they expected to say...wouldn't 
it be great if they had that problem Jim Carrey did in LIAR LIAR and they 
just csme out and SAID "diabetes is a stupid disease and I am not going to 
support it?"  Then at least we'd know who NOT to vote for!!!

Why can't we have Nicole Johnson run for office.  Let's do her as a write in 
candidate...Hey, there are 1,500 of us here...and "most" of us have 
significant others or kids old enough to vote, so htat is another, at least 
2,000.  Surely 3,500 people is enough in this nation of unregistered, 
lethargic citizens to get her elected!!!  I'd switch to whatever party she 
ran as...I'd even vote!!!  Hell, I'd even work on her campaign.  

>Aren't you glad to be a part of the team leading the fight to cure 
>diabetes?  Make that call today!  Many thanks for your continued 

I feel stupid after making this call...he better come up with something, and 
someone,  better than this Lauren person if he expects my vote.

politics is STUPID!  so where is my prize???

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