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[IP] Cotton Candy and other sins

Jan wrote:

> When I have something that's a CHO surprise, I bolus 
> conservatively and correct later. Note the results and "practice" 
> 'til I get it right. <vbg>

I do exactly the same thing...I am not the kind of person who can eat the 
same things over and over and over again, and to add NEW things, takes 

Treats like Cotton Candy are just that...treats.  Even non-pancreatically 
challenged kids shouldn't eat that garbage on a regular basis...and their 
parents also have to figure out how that concentrated sugar will affect their 
so-called "normal" kids...

Anyway, do any of you old timers remember Michelle Piper/Rand?  I met her in 
LA this past year and we went to Disneyland.  She had never had Cotton 
Candy...this is a 20-30something year old woman...She looked at it kinda 
wistfully and I was like, BUY IT OR I WILL!!!  she did and as she pulled off 
the first sticky strands, her eyes glistened like a 5 year olds at the circus 
for the first time...then she put it in her mouth and her eyes kinda rolled 
back in her head...PURE magic!  

Sara...who saves her CHO exchanges for things more substantial than cotton 
candy.,..say ICE CREAM...mmmMMMMmmm  haven't had any in almost 2 weeks...
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